Settlement Scheme to remain in the UK after Brexit open


From the 29th March 2019 Swiss citizens living in the UK can apply through the Settlement Scheme to remain in the UK after Brexit. 



August 2019: A Survey on Settled Status from Swiss Embassy London

Let's talk about Settled Status. Not many Swiss citizens seem to have applied for it yet and we're curious to find out more about why.

If you're waiting to apply, is there a particular development that you're waiting for?

What further information would you like to receive from us, and through what medium?

If you have a couple of minutes to spare, please fill in this survey, and you can also give us feedback in on Facebook or Twitter @SwissEmbassyUK

Participate in the UK Survey on Settled Status here > 

Read the Home Office Press Release on your rights as an EU/Swiss citizen issued on 19th August 2019 in response to alarmist media reports regarding freedom of movement.

Home Office Factsheet:

From 31 March 2019, the EU Settlement Scheme is open for Swiss, EU and EEA nationals. You can apply now if you meet the criteria.

The deadline for applying is 30 June 2021.

Which status you get may depend on when you apply.

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal

You will need to have been living in the UK by 12 April 2019 to apply. The deadline for applying will be 31 December 2020.


It’s free to apply to the scheme.

If you paid a fee when you applied to the EU Settlement Scheme, you’ll get a refund.

Further information and example videos from the Swiss Embassy on this dedicated Brexit page >

Where to Apply

Home Office Official Page:

Swiss Embassy FAQs:

Swiss Citizens’ Rights Agreement as published by

Useful walkthrough video on the Settled Status Application:

Free Movement have produced this very useful walk-through video, on the EU settled status application. Have a look at the video, and also read this more detailed article also on the Free Movement blog. The resources take you through the application stage by stage, including using the Android app to scan your passport (and your face), and the letter you will receive if you are successful.

Extract of a message from the Swiss Ambassador to Swiss citizens resident in the UK:


Please note that the Swiss Embassy will not be able to intervene with the Home Office in settled status applications or give individual legal advice. The following sources of help should cover every question and scenario:

  • For eligibility please read our FAQs or visit the Home Office Settlement Scheme website
  • For additional information or support on the application process, get in touch with the EU settlement resolution centre via phone or their web query service

If you cannot find the answers you are looking for at any of the above links, you can contact the Swiss Embassy by email. Please bear in mind that they are a small team, and with around 35,000 Swiss citizens to take care of we need to prioritise complex cases and the more vulnerable members of our community.

You should continue to follow the Embassy's Twitter and Facebook accounts and check the Embassy website and local pages of the Swiss Review for more information on all aspects of the Brexit process and how Swiss citizens are affected.

Please share this information with Swiss friends and family who may not have registered their email address with us.