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ISSUE 05 2019

Jungbürgerfeier has reached a good number of young Swiss people and this was the very first one held in the UK (generously hosted by the Swiss Embassy London). The invitation was sent to all young citizens across the UK and 50 of them were able to attend. For the many invited the logistics of reaching London were certainly not easy.

The Embassy and Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) delegates reassured us that they will work to further encourage participation for future meetings. In the meantime, I invite clubs and the Swiss community to support young people and their families to consider the next Jungbürgerfeier’s invitation in 2021.

The National Council elections and the first round of elections for the Council of States will take place on the 20th October. Make sure to not miss this opportunity, please. For this occasion, OSA has also submitted an election manifesto to the political parties and actors. It is available on the organisation’s website. Have a look!

Please do continue to send us your stories about Swiss in the UK and events (with pictures please!) held by the various Swiss Clubs and Societies. 

The next regional issue of the Swiss Review UK Pages will be published on the 30th of January 2020.

Gioia Palmieri, UK Editor

ISSUE 03 2019

I have received much news from our Swiss community in the UK during the last weeks. This is always a sign of an enduring vitality that really should motivate us to keep maintaining our culture.

Allow me to give you some examples: thanks to Nathalie Chuard, one of our five really active delegates to the CSA, the Embassy will hold a Jungbüergerfeiern at the end of June for all the young people now old enough to vote. This would have not been possible without the dedication of many people committed to making this happen.

There are also many artists based in the UK who are using their skills as a means to share our culture’s beauty with the locals, such as Iris Hunter who translated a famous Swiss book into English in order for it to be experienced by her British friends. Or the writer Alexandra Lavizzari, the photographer Fiona Bunn, the cartoonist Viki Metzler and many other people who are committed to our community everywhere!

The Congress of Swiss Societies in the UK was held earlier this month. With much thanks and appreciation to the Swiss Embassy London for hosting the Congress, please note an update on Brexit and application for the Settlement Scheme as well as assistance available for vulnerable Swiss on the process from the Swiss Benovent Society

Gioia Palmieri, UK Editor

Gioia Palmieri Swiss Review UK Pages Editor

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