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November 19
Tuesday 19th, 18:00 – Tuesday 19th, 21:00
The British & Swiss Media Landscape - and how they differ
Panel Discussion & Networking
USM Modulare Furniture, 49 - 51 Central Street, London EC1V 8AB

Swiss and British journalists will discuss the differences between the British and Swiss media landscape at the USM Modular Furniture Showroom near Old Street. After the discussion, you will also have the possibility to talk to them and many others who come along.

Talk will start at 18:30h

Fees: £18 includes a cheese & wine reception

RSVP: www.swissqualityuk.com/journalism

On the panel:

  • Dr. Glenda Cooper - freelance journalist & senior lecturer for Journalism a the University of London
  • Henriette Engbersen - journalist SRF
  • Gabriel Felder - freelance journalist, CH Media
  • Pascal Meisser - journalist, Finanz & Wirthschaft

Moderator: Dr. Colin Porlezza, senior lecturer Journalism, University of London

An initiative by:

Swiss Quality UK

USM Modular Furniture