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FAQs published by the Swiss Embassy London are updated regularly. Read them here and stay informed during the negotiations.

This official FAQs page is the first place to consult for accurate and the latest information available regarding the status of Swiss in UK post-Brexit. 



Brexit FAQs

Updated January 2018

The Embassy of Switzerland in the UK publishes a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which covers many of the queries received so far from Swiss citizens regarding Brexit developments. The Embassy updates this list on a regular basis as relevant new information becomes available. For this reason, it is advised that Swiss citizens first consult this webpage, should any questions arise which may not have been answered before. 

The Embassy updates the FAQs and Brexit-specific communications reqularly - visit the official pages here:

The UK government has a website that provides an overview of the status of EU citizens in the UK.

More information can be found in the joint report by the UK and the EU and in the case studies the UK government published, giving examples of how individual EU citizen’s residence status in the UK will be affected by the UK’s exit from the EU.

Useful information can also be found in the FAQ section on the website of the European Commission.

If you would like to find out the latest information on citizens’ rights and the settled status, you can sign up to UK Home Office email updates here.

You can also view a video of the Swiss Ambassador in London's talk on Brexit here >. The Ambassador clarified Switzerland's negotiation strategy, the official position of the Swiss government in Switzerland's relations and treaties with the EU and UK, and explained what the new 'settled' status will mean and what the registration process will entail for those Swiss citizens who are resident in the UK.