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Issue 05 2018 

Highlights of the September regional edition include:  

  • E-Voting and Launch of the Petition: The UK OSA delegates fully support it and encourage all the Swiss in the UK and in the homeland to sign it before the end of November. I remind you that every person can put his name online, irrespective of his age or nationality. Spread the word! We all hope that at least 10,000 people will sign the petition over the next three months to put more pressure on parliament and the government. More info about this important issue here >

  • Virtual social media groups at OSA: The traditional 'clubs' model of Swiss connecting with one another is changing. Nowadays, multitudes of virtual groups of Swiss Abroad exist and continue to be created, and this independently of a link with the OSA. They offer an opportunity to Swiss people abroad to exchange with each other and maintain contact with their homeland. Therefore it is vital to open a channel of communication with the online groups and OSA. A working group is examining the issue and will update on progress.

  • Representation of Swiss Abroad in the National Council: Vincent Croiset presented his proposal of a permanent representation of Swiss Abroad in the National Council at the last OSA Congress. This project continues to be discussed by OSA.

  • Brexit update on Citizens’ Rights​​​​​​​: An official update from the Swiss Embassy London which is closely following developments around Brexit and the actions Swiss citizens will need to take after December 2020 to obtain a 'Settled' status.

  • FOSSUK AGM: The Swiss Community gathered in the special landscapes of the Northern Ireland - this reports on the activities and important developments. Next FOSSUK’s AGM will be held in London in May 2019. Everyone is invited!

  • New Helvetic Society: New committee members are introduced - they are looking for more volunteers... And remember, save the date for the celebration of the Escalade at the St Moritz Restaurant in London on the 12th of December 2018.

  • Swiss Club Manchester: Farewell and many thanks to Hans and Sandra Glauser. 

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