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Issue 02 2018 

The March issue of “Swiss Review” UK & Ireland Regional Edition can be can read in the News section of webzine for the Swiss abroad. Highlights include:  

  • London: a talk with ambassador about Brexit: "What does it mean for the British and Swiss destiny in Europe?"

  • Cambridge: Meet Barbara Kastelin, a Swiss writer living and writing in the UK

  • Wartime: Forgotten Swiss emigrants in the UK

  • UK Clubs: Latest News & events

  • New columns: "Viki's cartoon" - "Swiss sayings: Lost in translations" - "Fiona's views from the top"

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Please send any news of your local Swiss club activities urgently to the editor for a chance to feature in the next issue. Gioia Palmieri is always delighted to hear about events held, milestones reached or inspirational Swiss living in the UK & Ireland.


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