Who is FOSSUK & What does it do?

An Umbrella Organisation

The Federation of Swiss Societies in the United Kingdom, simply known as FOSSUK, is a voluntary, non-profit making, non-party political Organisation of a co-coordinating and interactive nature.

Originally constituted in London in 1949 as "The Presidents' Assembly" it was later renamed "Federation of Swiss Societies in the United Kingdom" (FOSSUK) at the Annual General Meeting of 5th October 1965.  

FOSSUK and its constituent Societies, Clubs and Institutions, henceforth called Corporate Members, fall within the general guidelines of the Bern-based Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA).

FOSSUK's aims:

  • To promote the common interests of Corporate members, whilst fully recognising their individuality, independence and characteristics

  • To encourage the exchange of information, experience and ideas between Corporate Members

  • To inform about events, news and legislations of interest to Swiss citizens residing in the UK through Regional Pages (Switzerland in the UK) of the Swiss Review, FOSSUK Newsletters and Website

  • To guide Corporate Members, on organisational and administrative matters, if so requested

  • To actively seek, encourage and assist in the formation of new Swiss Groups

  • To ensure the regular publication of the "Switzerland in the UK" pages in the Swiss Review

  • To support the aims and objectives of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad in Berne and co-operate in the development of their services

Download the FOSSUK Constitution, ratified at the 2019 AGM

What FOSSUK Does

The FOSSUK Committee strive to promote communication between Swiss Clubs and Societies in the UK. 

We organise the annual general meeting, which is held in London one year, and in another UK location the next.

Every year, a new initiative, the FORUM is initiated by FOSSUK and supported by other Swiss Clubs. The Forum brings speakers on a variety of subjects that are of interest to Swiss living in the UK. 

FOSSUK also plans and oversees the 4-yearly election of the 5 UK Delegates to the Council of the Swiss Abroad - the UK Swiss' representation on views, issues and policies affecting the Swiss who live and work in the UK. 

FOSSUK uses this website as the portal for information for Swiss living in the UK with regard to events, news and OSA activities. 

Keep an eye on the Swiss Community Events Calendar - the only single source of all events across the UK that is either organised by Swiss clubs and organisations or have a natural Swiss connection - from finance, to education, to policy to arts and culture. 

The Organisation

FOSSUK is governed on a voluntary basis by a Committee of up to 9 officers and members, elected every two years by delegates representing Corporate Members at the Annual General Meeting. 

Ex-officio members are the 3 Delegates and 2 Deputy-delegates as voted on by the Swiss in the UK every 4 years deemed to represent the Swiss Community in the UK on the Council of the Swiss Abroad (CSA) in Bern.

Honorary President:

The Ambassador of Switzerland; Mr Alexandre Fasel

Honorary Vice-President:  


Swiss Embassy:

Manuela Ferrari, Consul General

Swiss Review UK Pages:

Editor: Gioia Palmieri

UK Delegates to the Council of the
Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (CSA):

2017 - 2021 term:

  • Nathalie Chuard

  • Vincent Croset

  • Loredana Guetg-Wyatt

  • Franz Muheim

  • Sarah Grand-Clément

Read the UK Delegates profiles here >




Franz Muheim



Interim Secretary:

Ané-Mari Peter


Loredana Guetg-Wyatt

Committee Members:

Nathalie Chuard, Vincent Croset, Loredana Guetg-Wyatt, Joelle Nebbe-Mornod and Gioia Palmieri (also editor of the Swiss Review UK Pages)

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