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Organisation for the Swiss Abroad (OSA), is an independent organisation which is recognised as the advocate of the interests of the Fifth Switzerland

Organised by the OSA, the Congress of the Swiss Abroad is the annual meeting of the Swiss citizen living all around the world. During this meeting, they have the opportunity to renew with the Swiss current information, to discuss on special themes and to exchange in a friendly atmosphere their own experiences. The Congress is held in German and French.

This Congress takes place each year in August, in a different area of Switzerland, and some 500 compatriots from the whole world come each year to this event. Visits, entertainment and meeting with the authorities and local population are also part of the programme.

Please visit the News page on this website to read recent press coverage of the Swiss Abroad as well as the FOSSUK Delegates Reports from the annual Congress or interim meetings.

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95th Congress of the Swiss Abroad (OSA)
Friday 18th – Sunday 20th August 2017
Basel, Switzerland

«Inland- und Auslandschweizer: eine Welt!»
«Suisses de l’intérieur et de l’étranger: un seul monde!»

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