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95th Congress Delegates Report

This year the Council’s appointment was in Basle from 18th–20th August, where the delegates met around the theme ‘Inland- und Auslandschweizer: eine Welt!’ (‘Swiss at home and abroad: one world’).

The CSA met for the first time since the election of its members for the 2017 to 2021 period with over 50 newly elected delegates. The UK is now represented on the CSA Executive Board with Franz Muheim being elected as a board member for the next four years. This will allow Swiss citizens living in the UK to increase their influence in the Organisation, which is important at this time of considerable uncertainty over Brexit.

The full delegates report is now available, but these are the highlights:

Congratulations! UK Delegate to OSA, Franz Muheim, elected to the CSA Executive Committee – share your thoughts and concerns on all things affecting Swiss expats on the www.SwissCommunity.org forum or Swiss Expat Facebook groups.

Despite UK Delegates and a majority of CSA delegates recommending approval of the amended Pension Reform 2020, voters rejected the reform bill in the 24th of September national ballot.

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) is pushing for the introduction of e-voting for all Swiss expats by the next parliamentary elections in October 2019, however data security concerns is slowing progress.

ASO executive committee members have filed two new motions reiterating the need of Swiss Expats having access to a bank account at a major Swiss bank after parliament threw out the motion for the government changing the law to guarantee to this right in May. If you have been affected, please get in touch with the UK Delegates who will report back to the OSA.

Read the Delegates' personal feedback on the Congress in the September 2017 issue of the Swiss Review or on our News page >

UK Delegates Report - September 2017 OSA Congress


Our UK Delegates at the Congress. From left to right: Vincent, Nathalie, Loredana & Franz.

The OSA Management Team

OSA is organised and run by a highly motivated and skilled team permanent administrative team, the Secretariat for the Swiss Abroad (SSA). You can see a full list of the team on OSA's official website.

From left to right, individuals we have previously had the pleasure to meet at our FOSSUK AGMs: Remo Gysin, OSA President and Directors Ariane Rustichelli & Sarah Mastantuoni.

OSA Secretariat

OSA Spring meeting 2018 UK Delegates' Report

The Council of the Swiss Abroad (CSA) had its Spring 2018 meeting at the Bern Town Hall (Rathaus) on Saturday, March 10th, 2018. Four of the five UK delegates were present: Nathalie Chuard, Franz Muheim (also member of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad [OSA] committee), Alexandre Tissot and Vincent Croset.

The session was chaired by OSA president, Remo Gysin. In addition to Franz Muheim, the other members of the committee present to this meeting were Filippo Lombardi (OSA Vice-President, member of the Council of States), Laurent Wehrli (Member of the National Council), Peter Wühtrich (OSA Treasurer), Gian Franco Definti (Italy), David Mörker (USA), Roger Sauvain (France), Silvia Schoch (Canada) and Sabine Silberstein (Singapore).

The next CSA meeting, held together with the 96th Congress of the Swiss Abroad, takes place from August 10th to 12th in Visp/Viège. Registrations are now open on this link: http://aso.ch/en/offers/congress-of-the-swiss-abroad/congress-2018

Download the full OSA Spring meeting 2018 UK Delegates' Report

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Discuss issues to raise and representation with one of our UK Delegates to the Council of the Swiss Abroad. 

What is OSA?

The Organisation for the Swiss Abroad (OSA), is an independent organisation which is recognised as the advocate of the interests of the Fifth Switzerland

Organised by the OSA, the Congress of the Swiss Abroad is the annual meeting of the Swiss citizen living all around the world. During this meeting, they have the opportunity to renew with the Swiss current information, to discuss on special themes and to exchange in a friendly atmosphere their own experiences. The Congress is held in German and French.

This Congress takes place each year in August, in a different area of Switzerland, and some 500 compatriots from the whole world come each year to this event. Visits, entertainment and meeting with the authorities and local population are also part of the programme.


UK Delegates in action - voting at the 95th Congress.

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