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Available for the first time, a comprehensive calendar to download with all Swiss events in the UK - from music concerts to art exhibitions to talks to just having a cuppa.

If you know of an event that is not listed on the calendar below of the PDF download, please do let us know so that we can keep it as up to date as possible:

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August 19
Friday 2nd, 15:15 – Monday 26th, 16:15
Woman's Move - The Sensemaker
Swiss Selection Edinburgh Fringe
Zoo Playground (venue 186), Edinburgh

Hilarious yet uncomfortable, The Sensemaker shows a woman (Elsa Couvreur) battling with an answering machine. Smartly dressed, standing behind a phone, she tries to meet the impossible expectations of an artificial voice. Critical of new technologies and of bureaucracy, The Sensemaker mixes theatre, dance and even lip-syncing, and addresses, with irony, the fears and frustrations of our interconnected world.

Zoo Playground (venue 186)


The Sensemaker

2 - 26 August 2019, 3.15pm

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